Nathan Starchild Artist Bio

Nathan Starchild painting Geometry of Life 2016
Nathan Starchild creates space.

Starchild uses the language of sacred geometry to create interactive artworks that inspire, enable and empower. He is an emerging multi-disciplinary artist from Bondi, NSW, working in installation, sculpture, painting, poetry and software art.

His interactive installations leverage three dimensional sacred geometric structure in order to create safe space for people in all phases of consciousness. In 2017 Nathan Starchild and his crew Gang Star Gazers, received a Black Rock City Honorarium Grant to build their interactive installation, Pleiadian Oasis, to create a safe space in the desert at Burning Man. Check out this article in the Wentworth Courier all about it.

Starchild’s paintings obsess over the geometry of life including sixfold rotational symmetry, the golden ratio and Fibonacci spiral, and dendritic patterns. Working mostly in acrylics he paints his mandala-like kaleidoscopic forms on canvases and walls. However, by far his favourite surface to paint on is the human face! Part art object, part sacred ritual, part performance art, Face Paint Therapy is his favourite gig in the world. Can I paint your face?

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