Nathan Starchild painting Geometry of Life 2016

Curiosity is my main driver. Most of my work starts with the question “I wonder how I could do that?” or, I’m just trying to satisfy my fascination, “I wonder what that would look like?”. I’m obsessed with geometry. I love shapes, symmetry, structure, minimal forms, the fundamental building blocks of the universe. I have an irrepressible urge to create these shapes in whatever medium I can get my hands on, harnessing the energy of my fascination, and distilling it into a meaningful experience for participants in whatever context I find myself in. Currently, I am focussing on participatory art, interactive light installations and generative code art.

Participation is at the heart of my practice. I do not consider observers when creating my work, rather participants. The outcome of my work, then, is not a commodified object but an active aesthetic experience. Claiming the body of the participant, and requiring them to come into presence and connection in a way that is all too uncommon in our alienated and entertained society. Community, then, is another key focus of my work. I am seeking to understand how to use the elements of structure, form, lighting and performance to create a space where participants feel comfortable, safe, centred and invited to interact with and connect with each other.


Sydney based new media artist, Nathan Starchild, works in participatory, interactive and generative art. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and a Bachelor of Civil Engineering. With no formal art training he began building participatory installations at alternative lifestyle and music festivals in 2013. In 2015 he left his full time career as a civil engineer to dedicate more time to his art practice, and began freelancing as a web developer. A self-taught coder, it was also around this time that he began experimenting with generative code art.

In 2017 he was awarded a Black Rock City Honorarium Grant to develop and exhibit the installation Pleiadian Oasis at Burning Man, NV, USA. The installation comprised 9 sacred geometric LED light structures mapping out the stars of the Pleiades constellation across 50m of the desert floor, to create a safe space for people in all phases of consciousness. In 2018 he began working with local musicians on live A/V performances with real-time, interactive, generative projections and light installations. In 2019 he commenced a Master of Arts in Transdisciplinary New Media at Paris College of Art with an eye to transitioning to a full time career as a professional artist. He has just submitted his Master’s thesis “Art as Ritual: Participation, Interaction and Rites of Passage”.

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