screenGrid was exhibited at Lightbox NYC in 2020 as part of the Creative Code Festival. The piece presents footage of 958 incidents of police brutality during the protests in the wake of the murder of George Floyd.


rainbowHelix is an experiment in using the web as a platform for interactive animation. Built using p5js the animation runs in a simple canvas element, with 6 sliders to control parameters. There is no explanation or instructions, you must experiment and explore in order to discover.


Reflection/Connection is a participatory community art project, an exercise in collective memory making for this time in isolation. Click here to participate. The results of the collaboration are on permanent exhibition at @reflectionConnectionProject on Instagram. A compilation of the videos was exhibited at Lightbox NYC in 2020 as part of the Creative Code Art Visual Showcase.


micropoemMarch is an animated collection of my contributions to #micropoemMarch. Presented in sequential order, the collection of poems tracks my emotional journey through a tumultuous time. The digital, glitched visual presentation of the poems further suggests the ailing state of our technological society and aesthetically ties the collection of poems into a coherent entity. Click here to see the collection.


Dendrite is a piece of code art exploring structure, space and exponential growth. Based around a generative branching algorithm, seeding from a single point, the form grows peacefully but rapidly, creating a sense of vastness, order and awe.

The Green Light Project

The Green Light Project was a collaboration between Nathan Starchild, Chelsea Netzband and Amelie Wolfart Arik. It was included in the group exhibition ‘Wanderlust‘ presented in 2018 at Espace F15 PCA Gallery, Paris and BTK Gallery, University of Applied Sciences, Berlin.


spiralGenerator is a piece of generative code art built upon a simple algorithm for drawing logarithmic spirals. It was presented as part of the IAMAI exhibition in 2018, alongside works by OUCHHH, Marpi and 18 other international artists. Below is a sample of four of the 12 panels that were presented in fully immersive 360 degree projection.