Nathan Starchild – Portfolio

Pleiadian Oasis

Pleaidian Oasis was an interactive light installation exhibited at Burning Man, NV, USA in 2017. Starchild was awarded a Black Rock City Honorarium Grant for this piece which mapped out the stars of the Pleiades spread across 50m on the desert floor. Incorporating elements of costume and performance, the installation was tended to by the “Light Being” who interacted with participants and ensure that the piece was a safe space for people in all phases of consciousness. See here for more information.

Temple of Lilith

The Temple of Lilith was built for Newkind festival in Tasmania, Australia in 2017 in dedication to the balance of Masculine and Feminine. In alignment with the “zero waste” policy of the event, it was constructed from recycled bamboo and fallen branches found on site. Participants were welcomed to decorate the space as they saw fit and to hold ceremonies and workshops in the space.

Spiral Generator

spiralGenerator is a piece of generative code art. Based around simple algorithm for drawing logarithmic spirals, users can navigate a 12-dimensional parameter space rendered in real time. spiralGenerator is released as free and open source software here.


Moonbase was an interactive light installation exhibited at Burning Seed, NSW, Australia in 2018. With Starchild as lead artist, Moon Crew were awarded a Burning Seed Large Art Grant to produce this piece. In keeping with the event theme of “Ancient Future”, the Moonbase was conceived as a mysterious piece of forgotten technology that projects the moon into the sky, tended to by an ancient order of “Moon Guardians”. Participants could interact with the piece through a series of control units each presenting an enigmatic array of switches, buttons and knobs which controlled the lighting on the 7 geometric pieces as well as the lights inside the Moon Guardian costume.

Inner Childcare

Inner Childcare is an interactive performance piece that has been presented at Confest (NSW, Australia), Subsonic (NSW, Australia) and other events. Participants have the experience of their inner child being nurtured through face paint, arts and crafts, bubbles and joy.


drawingGame is an interactive art game that allows users to draw in a fractal geometry of configurable symmetry. It is released as free and open source software here.


Dendrite is a work in progress, an interactive piece of code art built around a generative branching algorithm.